Contemporary Italian Bedroom Furniture

Italian Bedroom Furniture
Italian Bedroom Furniture

Italy is known for its admiration for vogue and it is considered as the birth place of numerous leading fashion designers. Actually its capital Rome is often called as the Fashion City.


The Italian furniture market sector has really expanded into multimillion dollar business targeting key players in the industry and it is appropriate to claim that Italian bedroom furniture dominates the pack; this describes why in any leading furniture store, you won't miss a board showing "ITALIAN DESIGNS" particularly in the bedroom furniture section.


Smart bedroom furniture set incorporates necessary items that make it ultra modern, like stylish and functional shelf on both sides of the bed, plus the beds head board consists of two adaptable and reclinable padding made of either leather or fabric. The bed mattress size is of the range of 5.2 by 6.5 feet or 5.9 by 6.5 feet with a total length of 10.8 feet by 8.2 feet.


Simply an idea of an Italian bedroom might be conveyed through a bed crafted from the gorgeous Canaletto walnut finish, including a leather headboard. A multi-purpose bed which is useful when you've got your friends sleeping over in the sofa bed; this sofa cum bed is manufactured in a style that it could be used as a sofa, and can be converted into a bed, it is specially designed for people living in small houses. The most demanded bed is one which was developed by M.Mazzer; it has fancy leather headboard with 3 tube-shaped components that is covered in either fabric or leather, plus it includes a side table, drawers and storage compartments.


The most important part of Italian bedroom is the dresser. These are available in different dimensions and shade, if you are lacking storage space in your bedroom; just add a chest of drawers and you are all set. You can keep your undergarments in these cabinets. There is one significant dresser which has a self closing system with shock absorbing ability, which means no banging. You can find a tall chest of drawers that has 6 drawers and is not only for the bedroom, you can place it on living rooms or even hallways. However, it is normally expected in the bedroom due to the European culture of undergarments storage.


Also stylish Italian designs are noticeable in the wardrobes, manufactured in nice colors and with gloss finishes that will turn the wardrobe into the center piece your bedroom. They are crafted from hard wood and they differ in shapes depending on your choice. They also might have a large mirror to have a glimpse at yourself after you have appareled.



The designers have crafted a wide collection of Italian bedroom furniture that serves for all ages and their needs, they also offer a variety of wood finish standards that a person can pick from, which features shades of stunning colors like walnut, grey oak, mild oak or high gloss lacquer. This explains why Italian bedroom furniture is the smartest choice in the bedroom furniture market.

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