6 Basic Rules for Modern Italian Living Room Furniture Arrangement


Was there ever an experience while you quit arranging your furniture? Designing the living room like Italian living room can be enjoyable in spite of many disadvantages, but never with arranging furniture. Furniture setup is more complicated and you need to strive to turn your Italian living room look comfortable, presentable and useful. Even, if you have a lot of luxurious furniture, you would still face some difficulties on how to provide your Italian living room a new look without investing a dime. It’s common for many people to use their particular intuition while choosing the perfect place to put their furniture. However, this is not normally reliable. This may be appropriate for interior designers or if you have a skill for visualizing the objects in a room. If you really don't, here are the 6 basic rules and guidelines for arranging modern Italian living room furniture with ease.


Realize the Room's Extent:


Decide how you want to totally use the space. What are the regular activities that may happen in the living room? Make a list of furniture which you would require, and the other electric devices. Add in your list the cleanup schedule too. Once you have this list, you can now make an unique and effective design and make the relationship between modern furniture and the activities.


Consider the Floor Plan:


Make an effective floor plan which has a natural flow. It is important for you to move freely and easily around your living room without having any stumbling blocks. An Ideal design always has a key point that is the first feature in the room which catches attention. It doesn't need to be in the middle of the room, though this is commonly the case in some homes. In many homes the coffee table is usually the focal item, but it can also be a window with a excellent view, a fireplace or artwork or an interest painting. Setup the other furniture items around your focal point.




Scale all your furniture size. Place the big furniture first and allow it face the focal point. The Italian living room should have a discussion area, so make sure to have this in your room. To make the discussion area conducive, put your chair not more than 8 feet aside.


Make Your Living Room Active:


If your Italian living room is small, avoid placing furniture near the wall. Much better place the furniture diagonally to have enthusiasm and contrast. Making one wall free of furniture will keep cleaning the room much easier. Do very well with the triangular concepts, where you put 3 furniture items together to build harmony.


Obtain the Correct Proportion and Scale:


Always consider the dimensions of your furniture. It would be very terrible if furniture shows up too small or too big. The modern Italian furniture size should depend on the total amount of space that you already have. Get contrast by combining various sizes of furniture.


Establish the Depth:


Carefully select the furniture color and materials, as this play a vital role in the overall decorate of your living room. Choose all furniture and accessories which blend well together. Never forget to put the maintenance and cleaning when buying you living room furniture. After all, it is important to have clean furniture to make your living room airy and breathable.



Finally, don't worry to arrange modern furniture. Keeping to your setup can make your living room boring until you lose your interest for staying in home. These basic rules and guidelines will help refresh your living room attractive with less expense.

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